Neighbourhoods Project

You don’t have to be best friends, but are you good neighbours?

The project is providing: support for neighbourhood leaders; facilitators for activities; ‘how to’ guides; information; free training; and equipment on loan for your community gatherings e.g. gazebo, lighting, an urn.

RUKI’s Neighbourhoods Project slogan recognises that, when disaster strikes it is frequently our neighbours who provide us with the urgent support we need. Often well before emergency services can reach us and then, well after they have gone.

The community-led project is supporting 12 neighbourhoods from Mount Burrell to Mt Warning to build our capacity to support each other.


The first and most important reason is that a community formed through kindness is a wonderful place to live.

We believe, this will help to further strengthen our neighbourhoods so we can become more connected in good times and bad, and be better prepared and confident to look after ourselves in times of need.

It’s been a tough few years with fires, pandemic and floods. Research shows that connection and participation within and between communities affected by disaster strongly influences recovery. Disasters can bring communities together, but also compromise people’s wellbeing, particularly mental health. Social ties with family, friends and neighbours really matter in supporting recovery.

Basically, we hope to become a better prepared and resilient community, well equipped and confident to look after ourselves.

Find out how to get involved by submitting the short contact form below.

    The Community Wellbeing and Resilience Flood Recovery Grant Program is funded by Healthy North Coast through the North Coast PHN Program.