Neighbourhood Resources

Welcome to the Neighbourhood Resource page.

On this page you will find links to documents and resources that have been created to support neighbourhood and pod/ street leaders to facilitate the development of their neighbourhoods.

The intention of the neighbourhood development is to build the connections between people living within a neighbourhood and the capacity of the neighbourhood to support each other before, during and after a disaster.

The FIRST SET OF DOCUMENTS, centre around a ‘Manual’ for neighbourhood development.

The core ‘Manual’ document outlines some proposed tasks and suggested support documents, which are listed here on the page. You can download the separate documents, one at a time, as needed or you can download all of the documents in one pack.


  1. Neighbourhood gathering process
  2. Activation plan
  3. Pod leader role description
  4. Maps
  5. Surveys
  6. Survey note
  7. Neighbourhood survey
  8. Data spreadsheet (*xlsx-file downloads without being displayed)
  9. Communicating
  10. Radios
  11. Events
  12. Event kit (coming soon)
  13. Let’s share
  14. Check ins
  15. Skills share + Skills share attach # 5
  16. RUKI flier
  17. Welcome to Uki
  18. Door knocking script
  19. Contacts

The SECOND SET OF DOCUMENTS relate to the ‘Get Prepared for Floods and Storms’ workshop.

Originally neighbourhood and pod leaders attended a workshop with SES trainer Jack Frost and neighbourhood project coordinator, Marlena Basser. The intention was to have all the participants develop a preparation plan for floods and storms during the workshop and then to provide them with the tools and resources to do the same with their pod neighbours.

You can watch a video (in 3 parts) of the original training, here.
Videos will open in a new window.

The tools and resources are provided here in two kits.

includes all the documents needed to organise a Get Prepared for Flood and Storms session

  1. Hosting Your ‘Get Prepared’ event
  2. Pod program
  3. Invitation (*docx-file downloads without being displayed)
  4. Support docs list
  5. Event Kit Register
  6. Sign in sheet
  7. Neighbours Survey
  8. RUKI Event data sheet

2 The SUPPORT DOCUMENTS KIT include all the handouts needed for the participants

For the ‘Essential’ documents, you will need at least one copy per participant.


  1. Action Plan template [ x 2 pp ] (*doc-file downloads without being displayed)
  2. Get ready flood safe factsheet
  3. Local flood impact doc
  4. Eight-tips-storms-poster
  5. Take 5 risk analysis document
  6. Emergency kit postcard
  7. Check on your neighbours fact sheet
  8. Get ready checklist
  9. Having a buddy document
  10. Feedback form

For the ‘Extra’ documents, you will need a couple of copies as reference documents for the group of participants.


  1. Storm Safe Fact sheet – weather warnings
  2. Rural properties flood safe
  3. SES when to call
  4. Useful apps and link
  5. SES Volunteer brochure

For more information about these resources, contact RUKI.